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FAQ - Mortgage Services

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  1. Who can apply for an ADCB Mortgage?

  2. What is the minimum salary requirement?

  3. Do I have to be an existing ADCB account holder to apply for a mortgage?

  4. How do I apply for an ADCB mortgage?

  5. What is the maximum loan amount I can apply for and how many properties can be financed by ADCB Morgage Services?

  6. Is there a minimum age prerequisite?

  7. What is the interest rate?

  8. What will my monthly payments be?

  9. What documents do I need to apply for a mortgage loan?

  10. What are the insurance requirements for ADCB mortgage loan applicants?

  11. What happens if I sell my property before the loan is paid off?

  12. Do I have to have my salary with ADCB to get an ADCB Mortgage?

  13. What is the maximum tenure that the mortgage loans are available for?

  14. Does ADCB lend for properties throughout the UAE?

  15. How much would my down payment need to be?

  16. What are the principal features of an ADCB mortgage loan?

  17. How is interest calculated?

  18. When do I start my monthly payments?

  19. How can I request details of my existing loan (i.e. outstanding loan amount, current rate of interest applied, and current monthly installment calculation)?

  20. Can I defer my mortgage loan payment?

  21. Can I swap my existing property with another one? What are the conditions? Can the Bank advise me on which unit I can swap my existing unit with?

  22. What happens if I instruct the Bank to hold further payments to the developer (for my property which is still under construction)? How do I send this instruction?

  23. In the event that my property is delayed (i.e. Construction period surpasses the scheduled time as agreed with the developer), what role does the Bank play in assisting me with the matter?

  24. While my property is under construction, can I enjoy an interest holiday and accumulate/capitalize interest till handover?

  25. Can the Bank provide me updates on the construction progress of my unit?

  26. Can I make due payments (based on my payment schedule) directly to the developer from my own funds?

  27. What if I am no longer a UAE resident however I am still holding an ADCB mortgage loan; will the terms of my loan change or will I need to settle my loan?

  28. Can I reschedule my existing mortgage loan?

  29. What is the procedure for loan settlement?

  30. How is the Bank involved on handover of my unit/property?

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