27 March 2019 ADCB Provides Credit Card Holders More Flexibility with New Card Control Service

Abu Dhabi, 27 March 2019 - Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) today announced the launch of its Card Control service which allows cardholders to control when, where and how each of their Credit Cards is used. The new feature will enable all ADCB credit cardholders to perform seven self-service actions on their credit cards through the ADCB mobile application without the need to call up the contact center or visiting any branch.

Easily accessible with ADCB Mobile App, the range of Card Control services include: Temporary card block which gives cardholders the ability to easily switch off or on their individual cards, thereby increasing their confidence with the card and reducing instances of cards being misplaced from being reported lost or stolen; Spend limit management, either daily or monthly basis, to address cardholders' desire to control spends and stay within a budget of their choice, increasing their comfort when making purchases; and lastly choosing permissible transaction types to add a layer of control that makes cardholders feel more confident when using their cards and decreasing instances of fraud, cardholders can selectively either enable or disable transactions such as e-commerce, international transactions, in-store transactions or ATM cash withdrawal transactions.

“ADCB is committed to bring the best-in-market customer experience through offering a range of new and innovative services as part of its digital transformation strategy. The newly launched Card Control feature is another milestone on our journey to transform the way our customers bank. With Card Control, we are empowering our customers with the ability to be in command of how their credit cards are used.” said Abdul Shakeel Abdul Hameed, Head of Retail Banking, ADCB.

ADCB has recently launched several innovative digital banking products to the market. This year alone it has launched Hayyak, a paperless account opening app that enables customers to quickly, conveniently and securely open an ADCB account and receive their debit cards and cheque books, without having to visit a branch or complete any paperwork, and uBank, a pioneering digital banking centre that offers a smarter way to bank through delivering instant and on-demand service capabilities for day-to-day banking requests. Other innovations include an app for Apple Watch, VoicePass, Instant Loan Top-up, Fingerprint Recognition on the mobile banking app and MyChoice, offering tailored financial solutions.

To find out more about ADCB Card Control or any of the digital banking services at ADCB, please visit www.adcb.com

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