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LuLu Co-brand Card

LuLu Co-brand Card

Welcome to the world of ADCB LuLu Credit Card, value-packed with features and benefits that help you save and also give you special privileges and rewards.
Every purchase you make using your ADCB LuLu Credit Card earns you LuLuPoints. You can redeem your LuLuPoints instantly for vouchers to spend at any LuLu outlet across the UAE. Unlike cash, every spend on your ADCB LuLu Credit Card literally earns you free shopping at LuLu, Al Falah Plaza and Emirates General Market outlets in the UAE!
LuLu Cards are available in Platinum, Titanium and Standard variants.

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  • LuLuPoints

    Your ADCB LuLu card is now more rewarding than ever before. You will now earn a higher rate of LuLuPoints on your non LuLu purchases while you continue to earn upto 5% rewards as LuLuPoints for your purchases at LuLu stores:

     Card Type  Rewards at LuLu
     (per AED 1 purchase)
     Rewards elsewhere
     (per AED 1 purchase)
     Monthly spends goal
     (LuLu & elsewhere)
     Platinum 5 LuLuPoints 1.25 LuLuPoints AED 5,000
     Titanium/Gold 3.5 LuLuPoints 1 LuLuPoint AED 3,500
     Standard 1.5 LuLuPoints 0.5 LuLuPoint AED 1,000

    In addition to using your card at LuLu, maximize your rewards by also making all other purchases on it - like dinning, movies, fuel, utility bills, school fees, etc. In months, when your total purchases on the card are less than the spend goal stated above, all your purchases will still earn rewards at 1.25, 1 & 0.5 LuLuPoints for Platinum, Titanium/Gold and Standard card respectively.

    Please note with effect from 1st July 2014, in any given month, a Cardholder shall only be entitled to LuLuPoints and/ or similar benefits for transactions carried out up to the extent of the assigned Credit Limit on the Card. Transactions exceeding the assigned Credit Limit of the Card shall not be entitled to earn LuLuPoints during that month.

  • Lounge Access for ADCB LuLu Platinum and Titanium Cards

    Complimentary Lounge Access

    Travel with your LuLu Platinum Credit Card and as a Platinum Card member, you enjoy complimentary access to premium airport lounges across the many cities where you love to travel. For more information visit

  • Features and Benefits

    New Component

    Exclusive Promotions at LuLu
    With your ADCB LuLu MasterCard, you can enjoy the best deals from many ongoing special promotions and exclusive spot discount offers at Lulu, Emirates General Market and Al Falah stores in the UAE.
    freeforlifeFree for life
    Say goodbye to annual fees. All ADCB LuLu Credit Cards are absolutely free for life.
    ccloanCredit Card Loan
    Enjoy a cash loan against your available credit limit at low interest rates and repay in easy monthly installments.

    pp-planPersonal Payment Plan
    Convert your purchases into easy installments from 6 to 24 months at low interest rates.
    credit-shieldCredit Shield
    Protection on your outstanding balance in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

    Fast_PayConvenient Payment Options
    Your ADCB Credit Card gives you to the convenience to pay as little as 5% of your outstanding balance each month, and carry forward the balance to the next billing cycle. You can make payments for your card outstanding amount through any of our convenient channels as following:

       Personal Internet Banking- click on the “Credit Card Payment” option under the “Credit Card” menu.

      Mobile Banking App- select your Credit Card which you wish to make payment and choose “Manage your Credit Cards” tab

       Through any of our branches and Cash Deposit Machines

      You can also set- up Auto Debit instructions to make payments from ADCB Savings or Current account. To activate Auto Debit, please call 800 2030 or visit your nearest ADCB branch

    Alternatively, you can make payments at ENOC/EPPCO, Al Ansari Exchange, UAE Exchange or at LuLu Exchange branches. A nominal transaction fee of AED 5 per payment transaction will be charged for bill payments through partner payment locations such as exchange houses and ENOC / EPPCO locations.


    Family Protector Plus
    An affordable global life insurance plan that covers natural death, accidental death, disability and in-patient medical expenses for as little as 50 fils per day.
    utilityUtility Bill Payment
    Pay your utility bills 24 hours a day without having to wait in long queues.
    pay_chip3D Secure
    ADCB Credit Card includes added security when you shop online. The 3D Secure feature adds an extra layer of verification, so buying online is even more safe. For more information click here
  • How To Redeem Lulu Points

    What makes LuLuPoints so special is that it is so convenient to redeem and provides maximum savings:

    1. Rather than wait for days for gift vouchers to arrive, you can redeem LuLuPoints instantly while doing your regular shopping at LuLu stores. To redeem your LuLuPoints, simply walk into your nearest LuLu store and approach the Customer Service Desk with your ADCB LuLu Credit Card. The approved redemption voucher would be accepted for payment at the store’s cash counters.

    2. It takes less time to enjoy the rewards of loyalty. As an ADCB LuLu Credit Cardholder, you can start redeeming LuLuPoints after accruing just 5,000 points. You can redeem LuLu Points in any denomination as long as there are subject to minimum of 5,000 points and in multiples of 100 thereof.

    3. The redemption of LuLuPoints is not restricted to the primary cardholder only; even supplementary cardholders can redeem LuLuPoints. Thus, both the primary cardholder (i.e. the working member) and supplementary cardholder (i.e. spouse or other family member) would be able to redeem points accumulated on purchases on both the primary and supplementary cards.

    To redeem your LuluPoints, please follow the following steps:

    1. To redeem LuLuPoints, simply walk into your nearest LuLu store and approach the Customer Service Desk with your ADCB LuLu Credit Card.

    2. Place a request to redeem LuLuPoints with store staff at the Customer Service Desk and mention the number of LuLuPoints you wish to redeem.

    3. Your ADCB LuLu Credit Card would be swiped on a special LuLu Points terminal.

    4. Subject to all satisfactory authorization checks, a redemption voucher would be printed instantly and handed over to you. Such redemption vouchers would be printed on special stationary, and bar-coded for security. The vouchers would be acceptable as accepted for payment at the store’s cash counters.

    5. Besides LuLuPoints redemption, you can also do a Balance Enquiry transaction to check the current LuLuPoints balance on your card account.

    To apply for an ADCB Lulu MasterCard or to find out more, visit our ADCB kiosk at any Lulu outlet in the UAE or call 800 2030.

    * Bank terms and conditions apply.

3 Simple Ways To Apply

Call 800 2030
SMS LULU to 2626

All terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. All offers are made available on best effort basis and at the sole discretion of ADCB. ADCB makes no warranties and assumes no liability in respect to the products and services provided by the vendors/partners/service providers.

For more information, please call ADCB on 800 20 30

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